Well Services and Operations


Well Services and Operations

Are you planning to assign oil field services tasks such as road maintenance plans, stabilization, and pad sets for construction and operation of oil and natural gas drilling rigs, completion rigs, workover rigs and production batteries to a company that has not been in the field for more than 35 years?

Empire Energy, LLC has many commonly owned affiliate company partners that are involved in almost every aspect of the oil and natural gas business.

  • Bonded Oil and Natural Gas Well Operator for more than 38 years
    • Geo American Resources, Inc (GEO) is an “Oil and Gas Operator” registered with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), the Agency tasked with overseeing oil, natural gas and disposal well regulations in Oklahoma. GEO has been bonded and approved by the OCC to drill and operate wells in Oklahoma since 1982. GEO is owned by Whitney Oil and Gas Corp and is a direct affiliate of Empire Energy LLC.
    • Production and drilling water disposal well operation.
  • Oilfield equipment supply
    • Drill pipe, casing and tubing
    • Rig supplies
    • Producing well equipment, parts and supplies
  • Drilled and operated over 200 oil and natural gas wells.
  • Extensive experience in well services ranging from;
    • Leasing and legal work
    • Drill site preparations
    • Drilling and methods (drilling fluids)
    • Well completion and methods
    • Well fracking and methods (fracking fluids)
    • pipeline operation and construction
    • operations

Empire Energy, LLC has been providing products and services to Oil and Gas Exploration, Drilling and Production companies along with, equipment, drilling fluids and additives, pad and site development, road stabilization, soil stabilization and all phases of operations.

Particular service areas of the corporation are the following.

  • Leasehold roads
  • Rig access roads
  • Preconstruction pad sets
  • Multi-well pad sites
  • Facility sites
  • Tank farms
  • Fleet yards
  • Yard sets
  • Tank sets
  • Parking pads
  • Turnaround areas
  • Drilling fluids
  • And much more

Stabilization is a critical requirement in oil fields. If a rig is constructed on unstable ground, then it poses significant risks for employees and equipment. Moreover, access roads need to qualify all standards of stability and safety. Otherwise, vehicles may overturn, which causes a loss in productivity.

All products of Empire Energy, LLC are environment-friendly, which also poses no risk for employees. We offer the best solutions regarding all concerns.

We have extensive working experience with ranchers, landowners, public entities as well as oil and gas exploration and oil drilling companies. Empire Energy, LLC provides assistance in drilling process improvements, road and drill pad stability, ease of maintenance, and safe rig access. Above all, our standards always meet OSHA requirements. We can help you meet all standards of government agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service, which generally can include a road maintenance plan.
You can contact the sales rep of Empire Energy in your area for more details. Or call us at 405 888-6855.

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